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Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes To Buy Now

This post is exclusively written for Mountain Bikes Lovers.

A Mountain Bike is the abbreviated form of MTB. The Mountain Bikes are exclusively designed for traveling on uneven surfaces like footpaths of hilly regions and for stunt performers.

There are more differences between the ordinary bicycle and a Mountain Bike.

The Ordinary Bicycle is designed exclusively for on-road riding while the Mountain Bike is exactly opposite to that.

For riding on even surfaces like roads, there won’t be many hurdles like stones and small Pits. But in the case of Uneven roads, a rider has to face many stones and pits.

For this purpose, there should be a thing called suspension to prevent the bike from Mechanical Damage.

In Ordinary Bicycles, suspensions and brakes are designed based on even roads. If you use ordinary bicycles for Uneven roads, you may have to face damages and even accidents.

But in case of the MTB’s, the suspensions and brakes are designed considering the uneven roads. Perfect engineering is followed in Mountain Bikes.

Of course, the cost also varies between ordinary Bicycles and Mountain Bikes.

The Mountain Bikes usually comes with straight handlebars and a triangle shaped Body to provide high comfort to the riders and also for engineering practice.

I hope, now you have got some basic idea about Mountain Bikes.

Let us see the list of best Mountain Bikes which are available in the marketplace.

Sl. NoProduct Name Check Now
1Diamondback Bicycles OverdriveView On Amazon
2Schwinn High TimberView On Amazon
3Kent KZ2600 Dual-SuspensionView On Amazon
4Merax Falcon Full SuspensionView On Amazon
5Stowabike | Dual Suspension | FoldingView On Amazon
62018 Gravity FSX 1.0View On Amazon
7Eurobike MTBView On Amazon
8Roadmaster (Best Selling)View On Amazon
9YEOGNED View On Amazon
10NextGenView On Amazon

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Diamondback Bicycles
When comes to quality, the pricing plays a major role. The same applies here for Diamondback Bicycles. One of the branded and high-performance MTB Provider.

The bike comes with stylish green color. The main advantage of this bike is you can disassemble and pack is a box for migrating to some other place.

Of course, this bike will be disassembled partially for packing and it will arrive at your doorstep with 85% assembled. For 100% assembled bike, you need to take it to a technician or you can do this on your own.

This bike comes two sizes, 18″ and 20″. If you are unsure which one to choose, better go for a 20″. You can adjust the seat in 20″ so it won’t create issues.


  • Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • Disc Brake
  • Increased Suspension
  • Adjustable Seat
  • With Gear


  • Need Different Sizes
  • Need Information On Seat Level
  • Need Different Colors
  • Manual Assembly Needed

2. Schwinn High Timber

Schwinn High Timber
A well known American brand, successfully providing the MTB for more than 100 years (Founded in 1885). So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product.

This product comes with different color and sizes.


Black, Blue, Grey, Silver, and Teal.


  • 24-inch Wheels/12-inch Frame
  • 27.5-inch Wheels/18-inch Frame
  • 29-inch Wheels/18-inch Frame

The frames are made of steel with an attractive color coating. The rims are made of alloys.

You don’t any external tools for seating adjustments.

This product needs manual assembly but it can be done within 15 minutes. You can easily do that on your own by using the Manual.

The next amazing thing is this MTB has 21 level adjustable gears for the fast and smooth driving experience.


  • 21 Level Gears
  • Availability Of Different Colors
  • Steel Frame
  • Easy Seating Adjustment


  • Not Enough Information On Size Levels
  • The Frame is actually Aluminium and not Steel. (Incorrect Information)

3. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension

Dual Suspension MTB
This MTB Comes with a 36 spoke alloy rims.

It also consists of front and rear disc brakes with 21 level gears for fast and easy driving.

(Note: User Manual is available in the product page itself. Just scroll down and download the User Manual from the Amazon Product page. Use the Below link to go Amazon Product page.)

This product is preferred for individuals with more than 6 feet.

This product can be assembled within a few minutes.


  • Dual Suspension
  • Disc Brakes
  • Elegant Design


  • No Wheel Guard
  • Quality Can Be Improved

4. Merax Falcon Full Suspension

Full Suspension MTB
An interesting Mountain Bike for riding over stones and pits which satisfy all your trvelling needs.

This bike comes with a 21 level adjustable gear for smooth, fast and comfortable riding.

The pedal of this bike has been designed to provide more grip which in turn prevents the rider from slippery. You can check the Quality of tire in Product Listing page, the tire has been carved with a pattern which provides friction with the road and prevents the biker from skidding while applying the brake.

The bike will arrive 85% assembled to your doorstep, you need to take care of the remaining 15% of the assembly. The assembly can be done within a few minutes with minimal knowledge.

The tires are only partially inflated during delivery so it was highly recommended to fill the air before your first ride.

You may need basic tools like a wrench, a spanner, a cutting plier for the assembly purpose.


  • Anti-skidding Tires
  • Two suspension (Front & Rear)
  • Pedal Design (Based on Grip)


  • Assembly Needed


5. Stowabike Foldable Bike

Foldable MTB
This bike from the Stowabike can be folded and you can even place it inside the car trunk. So, transportation can be made easy.

This bike is available in two different colors, white and red.

It is provided with a dual suspension for a better driving experience. Let us see the other details like frame and Fork.

Frame: 26 ”

Fork: 26″

Under Non-folded condition, the dimension of the bike is  67.3 x 23.2 x 55.1in.

Under the Folded condition, the dimension of the bike is 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5in.

The total weight of the bike is  38.5lbs and it can tolerate a maximum weight of 177lbs.


  • Foldable Bike
  • Easy to Transfer and Carry
  • 18 Level Speed


  • Takes at least 45 Minutes for a newbie to assemble.
  • More Colors can be provided.


6. 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0

Modern MTB

Let us see about another interesting bike called Gravity FSX 1.0. This was 2018 arrival.

It consists of a triangular body which was made of aluminum frames with a disc brake for fast riding.

One of the best bike for performing stunts like Wheeling.

The manufacturer has provided clear information on sizing charts. Please refer before making an order.

  • Color: Yellow & Black
  • Frame: Hydroformed Aluminum
  • Speed: 24 Level
  • Suspension Type: Dual

  • Classic Look and Design
  • Adjustable Suspension


  • Similar to 2016 Model

7. Eurobike MTB

Latest MTB
The Eurobike comes with a single bar body which overcomes the traditional designs of Moutain Bikes.

This bike is available in three different colors namely, blue, green and red.

While coming to assembly, this bike needs installation which you can do it within a few minutes. The package includes all the necessary tools which are needed for the assembly, so you don’t need to approach any other local vendors for the installation.

Parts which need assembly:

  • Handlebar,
  • Seat,
  • Pedals,
  • Front Wheel,
  • Inflate the tires with air

  • Tools are also Included
  • Available in 3 attractive colors
  • Easy Speed Shifting


  • Single Bar Body Design

8. Roadmaster (Best Selling)

Traditional Mountain Bike

If you want to buy an MTB for your son or daughter then I can say Roadmaster is the best choice for daily use. This bike is also suitable for Older people and this bike can definitely be a substitute for walking (Physical exercise).

(Note: Roadmaster is one of the Americas most trusted brand)

While coming to the specifications, this bike has been designed in a traditional way to provide the traditional experience.

This bike needs a manual assembly but that won’t take much time and effort. While installing the brake make sure to check the manual.


  • Cheap and Best
  • Best for daily routine
  • Trusted Brand


  • Assembly Needs – Great Care


Classic Mountain Bike

An interesting MTB in our series is YEOGNED which is also a sports bicycle.

It comes with an 8-speed level with high-end disc brakes. The pedals are made of aluminum which was unique in the MTB industry.

The goods are delivered from American Warehouses, so Americans can get their delivery within 24 hours. In rare cases, it can extend 2 to 3 days.

  • Frame: 27.5
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Suspension Type: Single
  • Color: Yellow

  • Faster Delivery
  • Double Wall Aluminium Rim


  • No Dual Suspension

10. NextGen Downhill MTB

Racing MTB

Unlike other MTB’s NextGen Downhill MTB consist of only a single bar in the body.

A single suspension is provided in the middle of the Bike for better performance, though the dual suspension is the best.

The shock absorber present in the front wheel rib provides smooth driving in stony areas. The presence of disc brakes adds the performance.

The total weight of this bike is around 92 pounds.

  • Color: Red
  • Stand Type: Kickstand
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Speed: 21

This bike can be folded kept inside the car trunk.


  • Foldable Bike
  • High End Disc Brakes
  • Front Wheel Shock Absorber


  • Dual Suspension Missing
  • Not Enough Information on Assembly

MTB Buying Guide

Here are a few things that one should keep in mind before buying an MTB.

1. Size and Weight:

The Size and Weight Plays a major role in MTB. The age factor of the rider cannot be considered here as the individuals vary in size and length.

For example,

An Individual with 20 years of age may have a height even 6 feet

Another individual of the same age may only have 5.2 feet.

So I am considering the feet and Inches for Sizing and not the age.

Here is the Sizing chart for MTB. 




Rider Height



Mountain Frame Size Height


Feet & Inches




Frame Size (inches)


Frame Size (cm)


4’10” – 5’2″


148cm – 158cm


13″ – 14″


33 – 37


5’2″ – 5’6″


158cm – 168cm


15″ – 16″


38 – 42


5’6″ – 5′ 10″


168cm – 178cm


17″ – 18″


43 – 47


5’10” – 6’1″


178cm – 185cm


19″ – 20″


48 – 52


6’1″ – 6’4″


185cm – 193cm


21″ – 22″


53 – 57


6’4″ – 6’6″



193cm – 198cm


23″ – 24″


58 – 61

2. Tires Design:

For effective braking tires play a major role in addition with Braking Mechanism.

It is good to choose tires with more curves and designs in the outer layer which in turn provides good friction with the surface while applying a brake.

MTB Tire Design


3. Disc Brakes:

As said previously Disc Brake provides better control over the speed in addition with tires.

MTB Disc Brakes


The disc in the disc brakes is usually made of cast iron and other materials like aluminum. The disc brakes are also available separately in the market.

If you are going to buy an ordinary bicycle then I won’t recommend disc brakes.

4. Speed and Gears:

Speeds don’t play a major part in trekking but it plays a major role in racing.

The Gears may vary from brand to brand and even model to model. The wheel also is taken into consideration while designing Mountain Bikes.

For climbing hills, low gears are preferred.

For racing, you can choose an MTB with more number of Gears.

Gear Of MTB

Advantages of Gears:

  • Reduces human effort while driving.
  • The rider can attain the maximum speed with gears.

Drawbacks of Geared MTB:

  • Frequently Chain Dislocation problem will come if not handled properly.

5. Adjustable Seat:

If a rider is comfortable with seating then only a rider can ride comfortable.

On selecting your dream Mountain Bike, one should always choose an MTB with adjustable seating.

Nowadays, most of the bikes which are available in the market have adjustable seating. If not in the rare case you can approach a technician for adjustment.

Note: If you are buying it for your child, always go with adjustable Seating. So that your child grows you don’t need to go for another MTB.

6. Suspension Unit:

A Suspension Unit is mandatory for an MTB since it has to deal with pits, stones, and even rocks.

A dual suspension (front and rear) helps the rider to ride comfortably.

Suspension Units are also available separately so prefer to buy an MTB in which the suspension unit can be easily replaced.







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